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Site Selection

HomeLife Interiors will review your staffing needs and help you identify how many square feet of space you need. A building's floor plan should be configured for your staff needs.

Lease and Work Letter Analysis

HomeLife Interiors can help you determine how much your landlord should contribute to your office build out.

Space Planning

HomeLife Interiors will help you determine where personnel should be located. We lay out the office walls, locate staff, conference facilities and support areas.

Tenant Improvement Work

HomeLife Interiors can help you upgrade your existing spaces to get the most “Bang for your Buck”. We can help you freshen up reception and public areas, coordinate repainting or select new office furniture.

Design and Specification

HomeLife Interiors can prepare construction drawings that identify wall and flooring materials. Prepare the telephone and electric plans. Coordinate your audio-visual requirements. Coordinate the interior design package with architects and engineers.

Ceiling Design and Lighting Plan

HomeLife Interiors can help you make the most of the largest, underused surfaces in any environment, the ceilings. We will incorporate decorative ceiling treatments where applicable, create a lighting plan and specify light fixtures.

Millwork Interior Design Trim

HomeLife Interiors can design custom cabinetry, built-ins, kitchens crown mouldings and wood trim

3D Renderings and Animation

When needed, HomeLife Interiors can supply a full rendering of your space or prepare an animated fly-through of what your finished space will look like.

Construction Drawings

HomeLife Interiors can prepare a full set of Interior Construction drawings for your space. Plans include wall locations, wall types, telephone electric, lighting, wall and floor finishes, locate furniture, provide elevations and detailed sections of whatever is needed to build out your space.

Project Management

HomeLife Interiors can be with you every step of the way through construction. The most brilliant design on paper is meaningless if it cannot be executed in the field. We can manage the general contractor and subcontractors, visit the jobsite to make sure the project is proceeding according to schedule, and provide meeting minutes that track the progress of your project.

Furniture, Fabric, Drapery and Art Selection

HomeLife Interiors can help you select new furniture items or help you reorganize you existing furnishings. We can provide furniture/fabric selections, drapery selections, accessories and artwork.

Move-In Coordination

HomeLife Interiors can help your coordinate that important first day. We can organize deliveries and arrange for furniture pick-up

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